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Birthdays are celebrated on completing a good happy year of the life and everyone wishes for happier year ahead. I had a one such birthday yesterday, filled with love and best wishes from lots and lots of people. I had a wonderful day and a wonderful week with all the surprises coming in! For me it’s a day for celebrating everyone around me who have been with me in my good and bad. Those who have wished for my happiness and peace, it has made me stronger. Those who have loved me unconditionally, I am extremely blessed to have you. Those who have mentored me, I will forever be grateful. Those have been my critic, you have helped me improve. Those who have been my backbone, I am here because of you all. Also, those who have cursed me, thank you for making me bolder and stronger!


As a child my birthdays were celebrated like any other child’s, with friends and family gathering and playing and enjoying the tasty meals. I am blessed to have cousins who took all the pain for making my day special when I was young, especially Parul Patel, you have been a very loving elder sister and you have taught me a lot. I still cherish the memories of my birthday party where you made me dance my heart out and decorated the whole room with all the cool things. How you use to dress me up with all the pretty headbands and necklaces. I enjoyed it! Being young is always fun.

Yesterday was kinda different birthday, as it was my first one after becoming a MOM. I realised how hard it is to be a Mom. I valued my mother’s sacrifices and pain more than ever. Yes, it’s a bliss to be a Mom, but being practical- it does have a lot of sacrifices and pain accompanied with it. Starts with own self and extends to all the possible relations in your life. I am grateful to my mother for carrying me all those 9 months and taking super care of me even when I was just an embryo, you never knew who it is and how it will become as grown up, but you made sure that it is the safest thing in the world and took extreme good care of it by sacrificing your hobbies and sticking to minimal activities. You underwent the body aches and bloats for me. You sacrificed your perfect figure just to have me around. And most of all you underwent the extreme pain for more than 5 hours just for me. I mean, I could have been a good girl and just popped out sooner, but I being the stubborn one made you suffer more, huh! But I compensated by not being a cry baby ever 😉

I still remember being a cranky girl with you at numerous occasions because I knew you would not a say a word to me. I have thrown tantrums at you, gotten furious with you, shouted at you, not followed your instructions;  just because I took it granted that Mummy is not going to say a word ever- “Mummy j chene ave, samjya! Ane su khabar pade che!”. You always taught me things from your experience of life, but I literally ignored many of them, only to realize now that they are so true and life could have been so simple had I just followed what you told. You always use to tell me, and you still do, “Just let go. Give up on your anger. Forgive and forget. Always be kind even to those who did worse to you.” This lesson was always the best one you gave me, but I did not follow it well! I am so blessed that I have two moms in my life who have same thoughts and same values in life. I wish I were so generous and strong like you both! I always thought why should I be the one who compromises and gives up, because am I woman? But now I realize that this lesson was never meant to tell me to forgive and forget because I am a woman and women are expected to be like that, but because only women have the strength of doing so, they can make or break the world. I am blessed to be a woman. I am blessed to be a mother of a beautiful daughter who one day shall grow up to be a good human being. Being a mom is not an easy job, it comes with tones of responsibilities. If a son grows up to be a bad husband, people would say his mom did not raise him well to respect a woman; and if a daughter grows up to be a bad wife, people would say her mother has not taught her a single thing. No one is going to blame the fathers! No one ever has! Well, it’s never late to start, so I have decided on my birthday that I will try my extreme best to be the person you wanted me to be always and be a as good a mom as you were to me.

All the birthdays that I have celebrated with the family and friends have always been cherished and have been very special to me. To me emotions matter more than material, therefore every single wish that has been sent my way yesterday matters a lot and I am thankful to every single person who has wished me. I never expected so much love and best wishes coming my way, it feels good to see that everyone took a moment out from their lives just to wish me on call, messages, whatsapp and Facebook. Extremely blessed to have a very beautiful family. Shivam, you have always been there on my birthday except this one and I badly missed you yesterday. Thank you for all the surprises that you sent for me, one gift is yet to be opened, waiting for you to be back 🙂

I missed you pappa! I still remember my last birthday when I touched your feet for blessings while you slept on the hospital bed and woke up just to bless me and then I got angry at you for not mentioning the pain you had to the concerned doctor and not taking care of yourself. I keep feel guilty of fighting with you every single day over the topic of your health, but then it’s how the father-daughter relation works I guess! I miss my best friend a lot! Miss being your little tigress and miss having all the interesting conversations! Cake cutting was always fun with you, I have some good memories captured in pictures 🙂

Last year was a full emotional roller coaster for me, with extreme lows and extreme highs. It was an actual give and take experience for me with God! I just wish that this year God blesses me to be stronger to face all that comes my way, happy or sad, hard or easy!

Thank you all, once again! 🙂