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Home is where your husband is!

It been 6 years since we have been together. The first time I saw you at work I hated you and so did you. We both shared same feelings even back then lol. I still remember the fun I use to make of you behind your back about your dressing (at that point of time) and your typical accent. And you always thought I had a major attitude issue. Things turned around so fast. We became friends and then when you proposed me to marry you, I made you wait for 15 days before saying YES. 😛

We have been married for 5 years now. These years have seen lots of fights, arguments, anger but they have also had lots of love, happiness, adventures, fun, care, romance and respect. Since the first day I walked in to our home I knew it’s going to be the place where my heart will always be till the last beat. That super romantic welcome that you gave me on my first day is still so fresh in my mind. You have given me a very loving family – wonderful and caring parents, two beautiful sisters, two supporting brothers, loving grand-mom, an adorable dog and the most precious gift you gave me for my life is our Princess Rhea. You have been there as a support system for my family when they needed a son. You stood by my brother like a rock when he had his hard days. You took extremely good care of my dad when I was not able to. You are the coolest Fua. 😉

When it comes to me, you have always been there when I needed you, you always encourage me, you have always taken care of me. You have loved me despite of all the flaws I have. I always love being in your company even when we both are silent. I can spend days together with you in one room without getting bored, we have in fact done that once 😀 I love watching shows with you and laughing together on those funny shows. Last night you told me you can’t fall asleep if I am not around, same is with me.

You always complain that I never go to my dad’s home to stay for few days. Have hardly stayed there overnight for about 5-6 times in these 5 years of time. But the fact is that I don’t like being there anymore, I does not feel like home anymore there. I feel like I am a guest over there. I feel home with you around. It does not feel good if we don’t eat dinner together, share what we did during the day, discuss about Brand You, play with Rhea together, watch shows at night and hug each other before we sleep.

So yes, it feels like home with you. You complete me. You complete us. A small happy and content family!