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Indian skin tone is usually wheatish – not dark, not fair, but wheatish. Still I see many people telling wheatish girls – “kari che tu”. Just because she is not fair, she is dark? Why not pass the same comment for a wheatish guy???

Why does a nation full of wheatish people want to see only fair skin girls!! Guys want to have fair girlfriends, fair wives, parents want a daughter-in-law who is fair(I wonder what do think when they get blessed with a wheatish daughter). Guys want to have a partner who is fair skinned, thin yet curvy and sexy, master of spoken English, stylish and fashionable. And then we praise about movies that portray gender equality. But  once out of the theatre, guys will only want to date or marry a fair girl with model like figure and those low confident wheatish girl will exhaust working hard to get fair tone.

This fairness madness has gone to a level where girls are going for repeat fairness treatments and cosmetic surgeries. Even Bollywood actresses are not left out. Yes, it’s part of the profession they are into, but there many common girls out there who look up to them as their role models. Priyanka Chopra, who won the title of Miss World when she was dusky (one of the highest beauty titles), underwent the fairness treatments and cosmetic surgeries. Same way with Kajol, who became such a successful actress when she was very dusky but then recently even she underwent this fairness thingie. Many such examples are there.

What is more important- a good heart or a fair skin!?! Why not be happy with the beauty that god made you of, every person is made special. Colour of your skin determines your character?? Why not judge you mother, sister or a female relative too based on her skin tone! Why judge only a girl who you want as partner or want to date! Girls are always believed to be wanting tall, dark, handsome guy and a guy always wants “fair and lovely” girl!!

It’s something that has always bothered me not because I am dusky and I have heard these comments a lot (I never gave a crap about it, honestly!). But because it made me think about those girls who’s self esteem would not be that strong enough to handle these comments and would make them depressed about their own beautiful self.

To those who made comments on my skin tone, I always use to say “Gora toh Gadheda pan hoy je rasta ma dhaglo hoy che, pan black beauty toh ekaj hoy” (even donkeys are white and there are plenty of them out their, but there’s only one black beauty).

I wish this bias of skin tones stops so that those n number of dusky girls can live a life of healthy self-esteem!