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“Racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior” (as defined in the dictionary). Indians have always been victims of racism in foreign countries. India’s independence roots to protest against the racism Gandhiji faced and got thrown out of the train in South Africa. Indians hate facing this, any human would! What happens when there is a person who is weak in English or does not know English at all, how is he/she treated? Such individuals face linguicism!

“Linguicism – Linguistic discrimination (languagism) is the unfair treatment of an individual based solely on their use of language”(here it’s about English- written and spoken both). In India people who are weak in English or don’t know English at all are considered inferior. If you are from Gujarat and have weak English pronunciations then you will be labeled as “Gujju” (slang for having a typical Gujarati accent when you talk in English). Other labels used are “desi” or “illiterate”. Some people even get bullied for their poor English, due to which they lose their self-esteem totally. They start comparing their English with each and every person’s English. If someone has studied in a medium other than English then they automatically become inferior when it comes to employment, being in a group of friends or colleagues who have reasonably good English and even in matrimonial context.

I understand that English is an internationally used language and to get some good career opportunities you need to have a good command over the language. But just the fluent English qualifies the person to be smart or a good human? How fair is it to judge a person based on how good his/her English is? Someone really smart and intelligent might have poor English or even no English knowledge at all. So how fair will it be to mistreat such individuals!

How fair is it to mistreat and belittle individuals with poor or broken English? Aren’t they humans too? What has gotten into the heads of Indians who once got independence because of a protest against color racism, but they still run after fairness creams and treatments. We are still not independent! Angrej chale gaye par angreji chhod gaye!